She’s Geeky UnConference in Mt. View


She’s Geeky, Future of Technology, part iii

I’m hanging with the girl geeks at the She’s Geeky un-conference on Monday and Tuesday of this week. So far it’s been an interesting time.

Registration was smooth. The nametagclouds were a nice touch. Chiara Fox and Indi Young from the Adaptive Path crew were also there. We staked out a birds-of-a-feather lunch table for User Experience, and I had a good chat with Googler Kathy Baxter.

After lunch was the first session. I attended the Future of Technology, which was 3 talks in 1:

  • Melanie Swan, MS Futures Group, provided a whirlwind tour of the edges of technology discovery
  • Christine Peterson, Foresight Nanotech Institute, talking about Open Source Security
  • Liana Holmberg and Tess Chu, Linden Lab talking about Second Life

You can check out the visual notes that I took on Flickr.

What’s really wonderful is talking to all the smart gals attending. I had a great chat with Sally about innovation (I insisted it was a buzzword; she had some solid counterpoints, and we ended up pretty much agreeing); Dinner with Melanie Swan was awesome…we covered affinity investing for financial markets, virtual worlds and user experience methods. Heather Gold finished up the evening with some ad hoc comedy.

Looking forward to tomorrow. Up bright and early to leave at 6:15pm, pick up Chiara and be in Mt. View by 8am! Woo Hoo!


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