Deck from SXSW : Pen & Paper Tools for getting from Research to Design

Last week I attended SXSW for the first time and had a great time. It was fantastic to meet so many interesting people and hear what they are working on.

On Saturday I hosted a session called Pen & Paper Tools for getting from Research to Design.

Here’s the short & skinny description:

In the world of user experience, learning about your customers is key to making great stuff. But design research reports are dense and boring. Unlock the power of sketching and pen and paper tools to create research outputs that are vibrant, sticky and that reflect personality, human perspective and that move seamlessly into design.

You can view the slides from the talk and the related workbook on SlideShare:

A question that didn’t get answered was the “What if I can’t draw?” issue. It’s a great question, and I’ll follow up with a post on the Adaptive Path blog in the coming day or so.

You can keep up on the discussion on Twitter at #penpapertools or follow me at [at] katerutter.


  1. Robert Rawlins

    Sounds like a great session Kate,

    I ran a similar session recently titled ‘The Pen is Mightier Than The Keyboard’ which was aimed at developers, getting them to take the time to sketch through UX ideas on paper first.

    I’m a big advocate of this stuff and enjoy seeing other people who have similar work methods.

    If you run this session anywhere in the UK this year, let me know.



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