Lean UX Meetup Hits Vegas

Lean UX Meetup Hits Vegas

Plan to be in Vegas? Join the next Lean UX – Vegas Meetup and become part of this growing movement.

As part of the Downtown Project, I spent last week at the Luxr Las Vegas office, kicking off workshops and co-hosting the first Lean UX Meetup-Vegas. It was a fun session, filled with interesting ideas from very engaged entrepreneurs.

The meetup was led by Simon Taghioff (@simontaghioff) who did a great job of summarizing Lean Startup and Lean User Experience (Lean UX).

I love to capture things visually, so I did sketchnotes of the session. (Feel free to download the pdf & share, wink-wink-nudge-nudge.)

Lean UX Vegas - June 2013 Meetup sketchnotes

Not in the area? No worries. There are Lean UX Meetups in Amsterdam, Austin, Lisbon, London, Minneapolis, San Francisco and Stockholm…with more cities are coming online rapidly. Find one near you (or start one) and get involved!

See ya at the next Meetup! :)

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