A New Beginning

A New Beginning

Back in August 2011, I joined Janice and Jason as the 3rd Co-Founder of Luxr, with the goal of pivoting from a services company to a product company. Now, two years later, I’m extremely proud to see that this path is well-established and the product is evolving and growing.

With this transition behind us, I’m moving on to start something new!

As of August, I’ve shifted from full-time at Luxr into the role of adviser, where I’ll continue to lead lean startup workshops and be a content author for Luxr’s new product launch (which you should totally sign up for because it’s gonna be awesome.)

As they say, once a co-founder, always a co-founder, so I’m still very much involved with Luxr, the startup community, and the UX world, and I’ll continue to be so. I’ve had the honor of working with hundreds of innovators, founders, designers, developers and entrepreneurs, and met people who are changing the world through ground-breaking products. It’s been an amazing journey.

Over the past two years I’ve seen Luxr evolve from a site-specific lean startup program into a product company that has shipped product to entrepreneurs all over the world. It’s been incredible to see how the product has been used by teams, founders and accelerators and helped entrepreneurs focus their efforts to make their products truly great.

I’m looking forward to the next phase of evolution of Luxr, and also excited to kick off a new chapter. Stay tuned!

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