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Written on the hand

I write things on my hand. A lot.

I carry a pen in the collar of my shirt, so I’m always armed. But I don’t always have paper. The fix? Write a quick note to self on my hand.

But then I wash my hands (yea, hygiene!) And I lose my notes.

So now I use this high-tech workaround:
1. Write note on hand
2. Take photo of hand with cameraphone
3. Send to Flickr right then.
4. Wash hand.
5. When time, go to Flickr and put notes on photo so I remember what it was I wanted to remember.
6. Blog the photo from Flickr.

Despite the 6 steps, it totally works.

And just to tell a little story about the WOTH (written on the hand)…

When I was working for the startup back in the day of the bubble, I was playing pool one night late and drew a detailed business model on my hand.

Later (before washing hand) I noted it on a napkin. The next day, I translated the diagram to Visio and annotated it. Showed it to some folks. Then recreated it in PowerPoint with a detailed time-schedule build for an Executive Meeting.

Next thing I know, I’m promoted and told to run with it. And much of the vision was developed.

So I continue to write things on my hand.


  1. peterme

    Andrew Beebe, serial entrepreneur, would write on his hands. At the end of the day, he’d scan his hand (using a flatbed scanner), store that image somewhere (he might have even printed it out), and then would wash his hand, which would be ready for the next day.

  2. admin

    Neat! Glad to know I’m in good company. My scanner is so ancient, I think I’d rather gouge my eye out than do a scan every night. Thank heavens for Flickr and cameraphones. As you know, that’s the #1 impact Flickr has had on me…it made me love my phone.

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