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Rapid Sketching 101 :: clothespin man returns

If there’s one core skill you gotta have as an entrepreneur, a designer or a developer, it’s the ability to communicate your ideas quickly and clearly. That’s why having some ninja sketching skills up your sleeve is a good, good thing.

When working with startup teams, we’ve learned that most people need to learn how to draw a person, in a place, doing a thing. If you can’t draw that, then it’s hard to communicate ideas about how your product makes a difference to a real person in a real place, doing real stuff.

Enter Clothespin Man (and Clothespin Woman.)

Clothespin Man uses simple lines and shapes to communicate a person. He’s so easy to draw, you’ll find yourself doodling him everywhere.

In this episode of Clothespin Man, we explore how to draw him in context. Check out how a few lines and shapes create a world of possibility for communicating your product ideas in context:

Once you’ve nailed these tips, you can further explore additional details.

* Originally posted on Luxr.co: http://blog.luxr.co/rapid-sketching-101-clothespin-man-returns/

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