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A pocket guide to awesome product metrics

If you’re designing or managing products, then you’re undoubtedly managing and tracking metrics. But which metrics?

Most teams are pretty good at the alphabet soup measures (DAU, MAU, CAC, LTV and NPS, etc.) But to get the most out of your metrics, you need to measure the things that will inform your product design and improve your product for your customers. And that means measuring how many customers are getting value from your product. To do this well, you must measure customer behavior. I call these types of metrics awesome metrics.

How do you define your awesome metrics? Enter this handy guide. Use it to remember helpful criteria for awesome metrics. Simply print the pdf, grab some scissors and follow the assembly instructions. A few snips and folds, and you’re ready to slip this into your pocket to take to your next product management meeting to make sure that what you measure is what really matters.

Happy measuring!

A few pages from the pocket guide.

Inspired by the fantabulous PocketMod and also used by Austin Kleon’s 1-sheet Zine.