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Water pulls everything together

images of nature journal sketches

The 2nd in a series of 5 sit-spot sketches

This is the 2nd sketch from my nearby sit-spot. The inspiration was an online sketch party with Julie Tennis of the Nature Journal Club. This was session 4, focusing on water.

You can learn more about sit-spots in this article from Nature Mentor.

Here’s my observations, with the focus of “water.”

Noticing the impact of water on a sit spot; observational sketch.

Session description

Using a Sit Spot to Observe Nature

  1. Quick introductions
  2. Choose a sit spot within 100 feet of your computer
  3. Share your observations

This is session four of five. You do not need to attend all of them – join us when you can! The focus for this session will be the element of water. Wordsmiths are welcome! The focus is developing observation skills. This will be a Zoom meeting. I am happy to facilitate a larger group – if more than six people register, we can use break-out rooms to keep the groups small.