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7 Ways to Connect with Nature in 2023

Thumbnail of sketchnote for Golden State Naturalist podcast episode 7 Ways to Connect with Nature in 2023

~ A Sketchnote of Golden State Naturalist’s first podcast episode of 2023

Wanna get out into nature more in 2023? I sure do. So when I heard the Golden State Naturalist podcast episode called 7 Ways to Connect with Nature This Year I got super inspired! And as y’all know, when inspiration visits, it leaves a sketchnote in its wake, heh.

A little background:
Golden State Naturalist is a podcast by the delightful Michelle Fullner, who is an educator, naturalist, podcaster and “generally curious, adventurous type”…which means that Michelle is someone you wanna hang out with. And thanks to her podcast, we all can.

In each episode, Michelle and a guest geek out about nature, sure. But what really hooks me is that the podcast is more about “asking questions and experiencing wonder” than getting schooled by an expert. Michelle is warm, funny, insightful, and like a brightly colored bloom, attracts great pollinators/guests to talk about the amazing natural phenomenon of California.

The first episode of 2023 is about how to connect with nature all year long. I took the California Naturalist program in 2022, so I’m eager to keep learning and exploring. The episode is soooo good…I made a sketchnote to really absorb all the good ideas. The bottom area has a tally mark area to keep track how many times I do each of the items she recommends.

The sketchnote:

Sketchnote of 7 ways to connect with nature in 2023, based on a podcast episode by Golden State Naturalist.
~ Sketchnote of “7 Ways to Connect with Nature in 2023” by Golden State Naturalist

If you’re a curious person and/or want to connect more with the big beautiful world outside, download a copy of the sketchnote and use it to tally your explorations.

Oh, and be sure to listen to Golden State Naturalist. I know you’ll be hooked.

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