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The life mandala

Mosaic of nature journal sketches

The 3rd in a series of 5 sit-spot sketches

This is the 3rd sketch from my nearby sit-spot. The inspiration was an online sketch party with Julie Tennis of the Nature Journal Club. This was session 5, focusing on all forms of life.

Here’s my observations, with the focus of “life.”

Session description

Using a Sit Spot to Observe Nature

  1. Quick introductions
  2. Choose a sit spot within 100 feet of your computer
  3. Share your observations

This is session five of five. You do not need to attend all of them – join us when you can! The focus for this session will be the element of life. Wordsmiths are welcome! The focus is developing observation skills. This will be a Zoom meeting. I am happy to facilitate a larger group – if more than six people register, we can use break-out rooms to keep the groups small.