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Colors of Coleus

In order to learn more about our recent plantings, I’m making a plant portrait each week. We have 6 different Coleus because I fell in love with all the color and variety.

Four coleus came together in a group called…

The colors are incredible…and also incredibly challenging to capture accurately. I did my best. I explored 4 different leaves for colors and patterns. Then spent time looking at the growth patterns and doing some background research.

While I was drawing, a neighborly dog-walker sauntered by and shared her experience on keeping coleus alive. I am buoyed by her optimism, so included it in the sketch.

My favorite bit of trivia is that some varieties of coleus may have mild hallucinogenic effects. I will keep an eye on the birds and squirrels and see if this is true. If I start acting weird, it may be because I’m out licking the coleus.

As of today, our coleus plants have survived 14 days with us. We are thrilled.

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