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New semester, new project.

This idea has been banging around in my head for a couple of years: short videos that cover the basics of a visual vocabulary. I know. (I know!) There are a lot of these videos out there. And yet, when I go to look for something simple on lettering for sketchnoting or sketching people for design scenarios I end up looking and looking.

With the Fall semester dedicated to remote and asynchronous learning, it turns out that this is a great time to publish the first MVP set.

So, tah-dah. I share with you SQuiD Vids. In all their early-draft-form-glory.

Learn lettering tricks for sketchnotes and other word-related visual work.

Structure your notes and layouts with Spacials (when there’s not an appropriate word, then a made-up one must do.)

People are hard! (Or are they?!?!?) Use simple figures to tell stories.

De-mystifying emotions and faces with these two tricks.

Put people in context with quick sketches of places & scenarios.

All the things! Made from 5 easy elements.

The world of ideas: tips for making pictures of abstract concepts.

Next step

Next, I’ll need to see how the videos work for learners by observing the use and hearing feedback for improvements. I also need to solicit input from folks I know (before moving to folks I don’t.)

New projects are awesome and also scary. 🙂