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Copper Spoon…then and now…

During 2020 (and the awful pandemic) I started gardening, both indoors and outside. To get to know these new life forms, I pulled out the pens, paints, and measuring stick and did a deep-dive observation.

The thing about plants is that they grow. Sometimes quickly (I’m looking at you, Jade Plant) and sometimes veerrrrrrrrryyyyy slooooooooowwwwwllly. The Copper Spoon is in the slow camp.

Which made it even more fun to do another deep-dive exploration six months later. Although the growth is subtle, it’s measurable.

Using the initial plant portrait as a model, I updated the information in a new portrait. Discovering the small changes made me appreciate this magical plant even more.

Notes on the sketch show information from observation and the Internets. 🙂

Updated Plant Portrait, Feb 2021

Copper Spoons Plant Portrait, Feb 26, 2021

Original Plant Portrait, August 2020


I learned about the slow changes in this Copper Spoon plant, which caused me to wonder…will those little teeny sprouts at the base of the plant grow any bigger?

I was surprised at how I could see the changes with careful measuring. Also, how much time flies and how little I just sit with this plant and admire it.

Next time…I’d like to use what I planned to do earlier: document more about the plant…more details of the habitat and any indigenous uses it might have. Maybe play around with a grid layout. AND, pay special attention to the sensory observations: touch and texture and smell. I don’t think it’s a good idea to taste this plant.

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