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RidgeSong of Juniper Flats

In December I was in Arizona and got to visit the Mule Mountains in Cochise County. The ridge-line above Juniper Flats is fantastic…the way it catches the light and is framed by the cloud-filled sky. What an inspiration. The way the rocks play with the light feels like music. Like a RidgeSong.

The geology of the area is interesting as well. I was curious about the formation and structure, so researched the location online and found this from a 1970 geological survey by Philip T. Hayes:

…a large faulted and intruded northwest-trending anticline. Most of the faults are high angle and pre-cretaceous.

Mesozoic Stratigraphy of the Mule and Huachuca Mountains, Arizona
United States Department of the Interior Geological Survey, Philip T. Hayes, 1970

I can relate. Most of my faults are high angle, too.

Watercolor image of Juniper Flats ridge-line and landscape.
Juniper Flats, December 2021

Media: Pen & watercolor on paper