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12 things to do by chance

A while back, a friend was feeling down, so I made her a “do-things” die. I found a template on the interwebs, then made my own version of it with a list of things to do by chance. It fits in an envelope and mails great…as long as it’s flat. All you need is a printer, scissors and tape or glue to have your own die! The last step takes some patience…just hang with it.

Click for full sized version to print. The template came from Kevin Cook’s paper dice templates (note: if you venture off the dice templates page, beware. It’s blinky-city.) There are a bunch of paper templates…pyramid, standard 6, 8-sided, 10-, 12-, 16-, 20-sided. He’s a total die geek. It’s fascinating to see how many dice you can customize. D&D flashback for sure.

Let me know if you make any custom dice. We can start a diy-die club.

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