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4 little thoughts that keep things moving

Sometimes (okay…more than sometimes) when all the plates are spinning and deadlines loom, I can get a bit…frazzled. This is not a good thing. The only good thing about it is when someone helps by reminding me of the positive, joyous parts of life and work. I’ve started collecting some simple reminders to focus on when things get kerfuffuley.

Calm and Simple: Keep it calm and simple. Right before things collapse into a flow, they seem chaotic and wild…but that’s part of the process. Keeping mindful of the calm and simple, the elegance and the flow can get me through to the other side.

 Keep the Big Wheel Turning: Whatever task is at hand, it should always be in service to a greater goal: rethinking the way a company serves it’s customers; providing a benefit to society; working towards a company vision; helping people feel oriented, smart and successful…these are all part of the big wheels. Thoughtfully linking the work to the big wheel helps provide perspective and enables prioritization. Focus on the big wheel, keep it turning and then it’s worth it to keep on burning for a bit.

Look up: Tej told me this gem: “the difference between optimists and pessimists is that optimists look up; pessimists look down.” So when walking off the burn, when thinking it’s all going to hell, look up. See the sky, the tops of trees, the birds sailing above. Look up, to the higher goals, the open space of possibility.

Take the Sunny Path: This one’s from Rachel. When in the midst of complexity, don’t go down the path of worry and stress. Visualize the fork in the road, and take the path that’s light and dappled with sunshine. Don’t muck about in the weeds. The positive, easy way is the one that gets the best ideas to move forward.


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