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Sketchnotes from Design Thinking Meetup :: Sparkle-ize It! with Audrey Crane

Do you have a favorite rant? Ever gone to a meetup where the speaker has the same rant but has discovered a way to introduce it in a calm and thoughtful manner that is awesome?

That was my experience at the latest Design Thinking Meetup, where Audrey Crane [@audcrane] from DesignMap talked about “being given a napkin.” aka: A non-designer coming to a designer with a solution sketched out on a napkin (or PowerPoint wireframes or balsamiq mockup.)

But her rant was NOT about the defensive and contemptuous (and oh so common) reaction designers have, which is basically: “HOW DARE YOU?!?!?

Audrey sees the napkin phenomenon as a perfect opportunity to jump to empathy and focus on understanding what’s behind the expression of the solution on the napkin. Only then can we participate in and/or guide the process. No irritable sulking allowed.

I’m a big supporter of Audrey’s message and I hope designers everywhere get on board with it.

The meetup was hosted at Runway…one of the best meetup spaces in SF. Thanks, Runway!

Here’s the sketchnote I created at the meetup. (Note: Technically it’s not a sketchnote, it’s a graphic recording since it’s working big and public, but I’m not a stickler for terminology in this area.)

Sketchnotes for Design Thinking Meetup on Sparkle-ize It by Audrey Crane.

Sketchnotes for Design Thinking Meetup on Sparkle-ize It by Audrey Crane.

Want to know more about Design Thinking? Stay tuned for the next Design Thinking Meetup!

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