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Sketchnotes from O’Reilly Webcast :: The Three Reasons Users Don’t Convert, with Laura Klein

Hear Laura rage against the machine on why users don’t convert.

Laura Klein is the author of UX for Lean Startups, a prolific blogger and writer on user research and design, and is also a fabulous friend. At least I think we are friends. We co-host a podcast on which we fight like cats, so maybe friend is a stretch.

But nevertheless, Laura has a lot of goodness to share, and in May 2014 hosted an O’Reilly webinar on Three Reasons Users Don’t Convert. I especially appreciated the moment during Q&A when she answered a question from “Kate” and was quite harsh, thinking she was me. But indeed it wasn’t. Oops.

I had the pleasure of sketchnoting the webcast. Laura doesn’t pull any punches, so it was pretty clear what the key messages were.



Sketchnotes from the 3 Reasons your Users Don’t Convert with Laura Klein, May 8, 2014



You can get lots more smartness from Laura on her blog UsersKnow, and follow her on twitter @lauraklein. And O’Reilly has lots of other good webinars, too.

(pssst. Be sure to listen to our podcast, What’s Wrong with UX. It’s fun.)

Published on May 22, 2015, back-dated to date of event.

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