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One Week, 100 People – 2018 edition

March marks the annual #OneWeek100People sketching challenge!

The challenge, started by Liz Steel and Citizen Sketcher (Marc Taro Holmes), invites sketchers worldwide to practice sketching people.

I participated in 2017, and got to 47 people. Hmmmm. Not great. This year I was determined to complete the challenge.

I knew I’d be traveling during most the week, so decided to make a system to easily track how many were completed. I started by making a 10×10 grid in my sketchbook, which gave me a tiny space for each person. Using a small pen, I observed and captured simple figures of the people. They are so little!

Within two days, I had completed all 100. It took four sessions. (You can see the dotted divider lines where a new session starts.)

  • Session 1: Santa Ana Airport on Thu, Mar 08, from 10:30am – 10:53am
    [25 people, 23 minutes]
  • Session 1: Oakland Airport on Thu, Mar 08 from 12:51pm – 1:22pm
    [45 people, 31 minutes]
  • Session 3: CCA Classroom on Fri, Mar 09 from 8:50am – 9:05am
    [10 people, 10 minutes]
  • Session 4: Target, Emeryville on Fri, Mar 09 from 6:01pm – 6:27pm
    [24 people, 26 minutes]

Total time: 91 minutes, 4 locations in 2 days. Yay!

It’s kind of nice to see them all on one page.

Completed page of 100 teenytiny people.

Completed page of 100 teenytiny people.

The experience was a lot of fun, and I encourage you to try it! No need to wait until next year’s official challenge…you can do it any time.

View lots of folks work on:
* Twitter: #OneWeek100People
* Facebook: #OneWeek100People


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