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Bridges & Walls – A Resistance Art Project [March 2018]

Today I had the pleasure of participating in a cool project from Debora Gordon. Bridges & Walls is a resistance art project where different contributors sketch bridges and walls from across the world. The resulting works will be collected and compiled into a book written by Debora.

I loved seeing the work from the other participants: Debora Gordon, Michelle McAfee, Rawna Cheri Romero, Dane Chobanian, Jamie Treacy, Lauren Shahroody Litwin. For three hours, we chatted, sketched and shared community around art. The event was hosted at the creative space of RBA, a creative space owned by Randolf Belle.

Here’s some of the in-process photos of my part in the day.

Getting started…

Setup before starting. Coffee at the ready!  BridgeSketch_Setup

Small thumbnails to figure out the layouts. StariMost_4-upBridgeThumnailsWork from the day.BridgeSketch_Completed-sm

The greyscale version.Bridge-StariMost_FastBlWh-lg

Final rendering.Bridge-StariMost_Color-sm

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