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[Podcast] Tips for Remote Design

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March 24th episode of What is Wrong with UX

In this week’s episode, Kate and Laura yell about how to pretend you’re still getting work done while you’re actually searching online for toilet paper during a pandemic. Also, some tips about actually getting some design done from home, which is a lot like getting design done at work, but it’s easier to panic unobtrusively.

Drink Pairing: Whatever you still have left in the bunker (But not the Purell. That will kill you. Seriously. Stop drinking it.

About the podcast

What is Wrong with UX is a podcast where two old ladies drink and fight about what is wrong with UX Design. I’m one of the old ladies, and Laura Klein is the other.

You can support the podcast on Patreon. You can learn more from Laura on her blog Users Know, or follow her on twitter: @lauraklein. (You can follow me too: @katerutter.)

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