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The last episode of What is Wrong with UX.

Kate and Laura finally agree on something. Unfortunately, it’s to end the podcast. They reminisce about the good parts and talk a bit about what comes next.

Read the auto-generated transcript on UsersKnow.com

Drink Pairing: Long Island Ice Tea (Kate) & Champagne (Laura)

About the podcast

What is Wrong with UX was a podcast where two old ladies drank and fought about what is wrong with UX Design. I am proud to be one of those old ladies, and Laura Klein is the other. The podcast ran from 2015-2022, ending 7 years from the date of the first episode. All 135 episodes remain on podcasting platforms: you can listen and subscribe on itunes. You can learn more from Laura on her blog Users Know, or follow her on twitter: @lauraklein. (You can follow me too: @katerutter.)