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BookNotes: The Art of Noticing

Nuggets & notes from a fabulous and action-oriented attention book.

Every once in a while, a book comes along that seems to write what’s in your soul. This is one of those books. For artists, thinkers, makers and seekers, this is a wonderful collection of thoughts and prompts that help aid attention and awareness.

In The Art of Noticing, Rob Walker does a lovely job curating works by a broad set of artists, facilitators and scientists who share their inspirations for paying attention. You can subscribe to his newsletter to get reminders and updates on tips that help you revel in the everyday and fall in love with the ordinary. Highly recommended.

Here are my rough BookNotes. I took a lot more notes, but this is an early version of my booknoting process, so only key nuggets made it onto the page.

Visual notes from the book The Art of Noticing.
BookNotes of The Art of Noticing by Rob Walker