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World Sketchnote Day 2020

January 11th is World Sketchnote Day!

Each year the sketchnoting community celebrates this day with the Pass The Sketchnote event. Participants across the world team up and “pass” a note, each member adding a visual element to the sketchnote. We use Twitter and posted under the hashtag #SNDay2020

How we pass the notes…

This year I was on Team 3, along with sketchnoters from Germany, France and the US – New Jersey, Nevada and San Francisco.

Here’s the final sketchnote:

2020 edition of Pass the Sketchnote

Shoutout to the team

  • @GPreiksch in Hamburg, Germany
  • @virgilelievre in Avignon, France
  • @maxman_jenna in Columbia New Jersey
  • @maoliver17 in Las Vegas, NV USA
  • And me, @katerutter in San Francisco, CA \ USA


This was my 2nd year participating. I’m inspired by the global collaboration and happiness that people bring to the event. Celebrating sketching and joining together to inspire each other…that’s a great thing!

I learned that I like being the last one to contribute. I enjoy seeing the earlier contributions and trying to bring them all together. This year was easy, as there was already a strong metaphor in place…I just needed to continue the journey of the pencil, and close the loop (got sneaky with adding the ship in the Bay!)

I was surprised that the contributions were so based in our local geography. It made it feel like a true international collaboration, but I also love sketchnotes that focus on ideas and concepts. Working more pictorially was a surprise.

Next time I’d like to have a little more time…I had a commitment the night it was happening, so I wasn’t able to post until after midnight my time. Hopefully everyone was okay with that!

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